All-in-One Smart Device That Connects to any TV

From video conferencing, wireless screen sharing, live broadcasting, security surveillance with motion detection and more, HELLO is the latest smart device developed by Solaborate.

Using Kickstarter to raise fund and awareness, the project already met its goal of $30,000 in less than 7 hours since its launch on 25 July.

Affordable and flexible for home or office use, the voice-controlled smart device is an extension of the already feature-rich Solaborate platform.

With more and more companies and organisations offering employees the option to work from home, this affordable alternative to high-end video conferencing systems is a potential technology disruptor.

“We didn’t see anything else better on the market and decided to create it ourselves. HELLO is for the people, at an affordable price point — built for modern businesses, professionals, freelancers and creators. It cuts out the cost of networked conferencing hardware and IT services to install and maintain it. We’re truly bringing professional-grade video conferencing to everyone, anywhere, on any device.” – Labinot Bytyqi, Founder and CEO of Solaborate on the motivation behind HELLO.

HELLO is engineered with an array of four smart Microphones, a 4K video sensor and quad-core processor working together to guarantee that every person in the room is seen and heard clearly. HELLO also features both a built-in accelerometer and tilting lens, to ensure easy setup on any TV and the image captured is of the highest quality.

Wanna know more? Back this project at


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