25 Big Tech Predictions For 2016

Released in January this year, the ’25 Big Tech Predictions For 2016′ is a research report done by the BI Intelligence Research Team. To read the entire report, you can download it here.  

How many of BI Intelligence’s predictions has come true? Now that half the year has gone by, let’s do a refresh and recap what has happened so far:

Top 5 Digital Media Predictions

1. The mobile video wars will heat up, with winners and losers starting to emerge in distinct content categories.
– Who are the winners/losers: you’re the judge.

2. Standards for online video views and tracking will become a major point of contention.
– Well, hello Facebook Live.

3. Native advertising will see an uptick in ad spend as publishers and advertisers alike focus on the user experience.

4. Cable companies will continue to embrace streaming, but cost for consumers will rise.

5. Yahoo will sell its core business, likely to a telecommunications company.
– On July 25, Verizon has announced it has bought Yahoo for $4.8 billion.

Top 5 Mobile Predictions

1. A major wireless carrier and pay-tv company will merge in 2016.

2. Indonesia will join India as the next big smartphone market to watch out for.
– The number of smartphone users in Indonesia is expected to grow strongly up to (at least) 2019, in line with the overall economic growth of Southeast Asia.

3. Xiaomi will begin selling phones in the US.
– Well, this one is a blunder.

4. Disappearing carrier contracts in the US will accelerate the smartphone upgrade cycle.

5. Enterprise apps will hit a new high.

Top 5 Fintech Predictions

1. Blockchain technology will become more than a fad as global banks commit to a unified blockchain solution for inter-bank transactions.

2. Apple, Google, and Samsung will build out commerce experiences around their payments products.
– Banks in Singapore have rolled out a number of e-payment services that include Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay – all within 2016.

3. Business management apps housed on mobile point-of-sale devices will become a necessity for small businesses.

4. Mobile ordering apps will become an important transaction channel for quick-service restaurants.
– Ever ordered a meal using Foodpanda, Deliveroo, UberEATS or GrebExpress? I’m sure there are more out there…

5. Traditional financial institutions will respond to the threat of fintech startups by partnering with them.
Have banks started to embrace startups?

Top 5 E-Commerce Predictions

1. Amazon will pull business away from its shipping partners.
– The e-commerece behemoth has gone into air freight business with 20 leased planes in March.

2. Facebook will become a key enabler of commerce.
– Facebook Page managers, have you noticed the new ‘Shop’ function?

3. Beacons will finally go mainstream.

4. The resurgence of affiliate marketing.

5. Alibaba will try to acquire or take a large stake in a US e-commerce company.
– Though not a US company, Alibaba did bought Southeast Asia e-commerce company Lazada for $1 billion in April.

Top 5 IoT Predictions

1. Two-thirds of new cars shipped in the US will be connected to the internet.

2. The US will finally get federal guidance surrounding self-driving cars, leading many states to enact legislation.
– Yep, it’s finally happening.

3. The growth of enterprise IoT initiatives will increase the demand for cyber insurance policies in 2016.

4. As oil prices continue to crash, oil companies will look to IoT solutions to maximize efficiency throughout the supply chain.
– The Energy Conference Network 2016 happening in September says it all.

5. The insurance industry will embrace healthcare and connected home IoT devices as a way to price insurance policies.
5 Ways IoT will transform the insurance industry.


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